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A Novel Approach to Renting in Wales

The Welsh government has announced the launch of Leasing Scheme Wales which is intended 'to increase access to, and the affordability of, renting privately in Wales. Delivering security for tenants and confidence for landlords.'

'15 local authorities have signed up to the Government-backed scheme which offers incentives for property owners who lease their properties to the local authority. Tenants housed under the scheme will have longer term, secure and affordable accommodation as well as access to a high-level of support to help maintain their tenancy.'

This has the potential to be an exciting prospect as it improves security of tenure and takes properties out of the hands of unscrupulous private landlords but it is uncertain whether the law on conditions can be applied to housing managed by the enforcing authority.

Some local authorities in England currently operate similar schemes using grants or loans as part of their local housing assistance policies However, as the funding source is from existing local budgets (rather than additional money as mentioned in Wales), the number of properties and tenants involved tends to be modest.


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