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Our Reports 


Lost Opportunities:  a decade of declining 
national investment in repairing our homes (2023)

This report, produced in collaboration with the Centre for Ageing Better (CfAB), details for the first time the decline in government funding for home improvement since 2011, and the potential to reverse such losses. We have provided below both the full Technical Report and the Summary Report which provides the headline findings and examines the recommendations made by CfAB to revive state-supported home improvement. Further reviews are provided at the Centre for Ageing better website.


Assessing Changing Public Expenditure on Private Sector Housing Renewal and its Impact since 2000 (2023)

This report reviews the changing pattern of public expenditure on private sector housing renewal since 2000 and its impact on the number of homes renewed.


Better Housing for Better Health (2023)

Our new paper ‘Better Housing for Better Health’ highlights the need for housing to be an essential part of future strategies to improve health making better use of resources to achieve health outcomes.


Delivering Healthier Housing (2018)

In our previous report, ‘Good Housing: Better Health’ we argued that an appropriate response to the current housing crisis would involve both increasing housing supply and making the best use of existing housing. In this report, we focus on unhealthy housing and identify its nature, scale and costs, including the impact on health, education, employment and homelessness, all of which are associated with inadequate, inappropriate and insecure housing.

Whilst most policy emphasis is placed on the need to build more homes, most housing need, demand and movement takes place in the existing housing stock. Consequently, it is essential that public policy addresses the condition, affordability, suitability, appropriateness and security of this housing. This report paper argues for a more comprehensive approach to housing policy and puts forward an action plan to get housing quality back on the policy agenda.


Good Housing: Better Health (2016)

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